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Magnetic Pedestrian Wing Gate - MPW 112Featuring:

  • Built-In Magnetic High Torque Motor MTHM®
  • Brushless DC Direct Drive
  • (No Gear Box) Technology
  • Noiseless Operation
  • Power Failure Wing Auto Open


Product Description

The Magnetic Pedestrian Wing Gate (MPW) series type is designedtocontrolpedestrians entering or exiting restricted areas usually under surveillance in low to medium security situations. Personal surveillance is therefore recommended. The barrier can be operated in uni-directional.

The standard model has an aisle width of 550mm and the wide lane disabled model has an aisle width of 900mm. The construction consists of housing which made of rectangular stainless steel metal frame in AISI 304 polished finishes that is fully blended with tempered glass panels. The choice of tinted glass colour or alteration for unit to be equipped with in-side light is available upon request.

Pedestrian Gates - MPH 112The MPH (Magnetic Pedestrian High Door) Series pedestrian barrier was developed to control the access of persons under medium to high security requirements.

Closure takes place immediately after passage or after an ad- justable hold-open time. The opening and closing times can be programmed to be different from each other, the times depend on the height of the glass flaps. In its initial position the barrier is closed; it can be operated in one direction only, or in both directions.

MPH barriers are available in two versions. The standard ver- sion permits unimpeded passage for persons. The Wide lane has a greater lane width and provides optimum passage for persons with luggage and for wheel chairs.

A line or installation consists of at least two modules.


Housing and quality
The housing is made of stainless steel grade 304 (1.4301) and is built up from several segments whose length can be varied to suit the customers requirements. Various optional access-control systems (e.g. card readers) can be readily integrated into the stainless steel front panels. The hous- ing complies with degree of protection IP32 and is suitable for indoor applications, or for outdoor use under a roof (but only with additional heating).

Pedestrian Gates - MPP 112 / 212The MPP series is designed to control pedestrians entering or exiting restricted areas, usually under surveillance, in low security situations. Personal surveillance is therefore recom- mended as the barrier can be breached.

The barrier consists of a rotating center, at 3 x 120 degrees, providing single access through steps of 1 x 120 degrees. The operation of the barrier allows for controlled bi-directional pedestrian flow and is capable of blocking in either direc- tion, or free rotation in either direction.

This model can be used in two directional control applica- tions with a high usage of pedestrian traffic.


Housing and quality
The housing of the MPP 112 is made of stainless steel 430 with protection class IP32. The standard type is for indoor installations. Furthermore, for outdoor installations, Magnetic provides a special type model of stainless steel 304 with protection class 44.(MPP 212). For this model, no roofing is required.

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