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Logo Rakha Jaya


  • Location Tag - GA-01Rugged and waterproof ··Low weight (~10 grams)
  • 16-byte ID with open or custom facility code
  • Randomly coded with 12 Hex digits (over 300 billion ID options)
  • 2-screw wall mounting base and latching cover makes the tag irremovable once installed
  • Available in multiple colors: black, red, yellow, purple, orange, and green




  • Event Wallet - GA-02Portable wallet for special event reporting during guard patrol
  • 10 event iButtons
  • Rugged design





  • Numeric Event Wallet - GA-12Numeric wallet for special event reporting during guard patrol
  • 12 iButtons for digits 0–9, with START and END buttons to input any numeric sequence
  • Supported by GS-02



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