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Rakha Jaya ShowroomRakha Jaya is a new innovative and dynamic company, which provides all of equipment need of military, security, police, garment, embroidery, government and safety.

Bussines Description
UD RAKHA JAYA COMPANY  built and declared 2008 is a company in garment sector and government equipment. UD RAKHA JAYA  have name store "RAKHA ARMY SHOP " opened for all customer in Indonesia.

This is the important part of planning process. The right planning will make us easy to have analyzed the market and customers buying type. Beside that, this company will be successful and the shop will develop well with its comfortable service and the attention that giving to the customers. This company also has good reputation in transaction and the dispatch.

UD RAKHA JAYA offers the military service, safety, police, government member, embroidery and garment in supermarket form. In Indonesia, our company is the only ARMY SHOP in Indonesia that give comfortable service with supermarket way. It seems uniquely one, but we sure that it is interesting one. It needs to know that ARMY and SAFETY are related each other. We sure that we will make everybody love each other and know about the important of safety and not all ARMY equipment are for MILITARY. This things can give positive influence for the company / shop profit.

The growth and development of the company and the shop is to invest about security equipment to all people for their safety and security in daily life. Although many people are have unable yet about the meaning of safety and security. We sell and introduce the important of somebody soul. All safety equipment products are used for some accident that could fall on our life in any time.

Today, we open a shop in Jl. Semarang, which has strategic location of all transportation. This area is also center area of the biggest commerce in East Java. Two rooms with wide parking area are very comfortable and has nice and friendly service.

Product and Service
UD RAKHA JAYA offers many product in fill the customers needed and we divided into three categories. General customer, special and company. Each those customers buy the same needed even though with different capacity. Example, every customers buy our product, some of them buy for retail, and grocer / wholesale. With this different purchase, we differ the price.

The direct purchase ( user) hold by our cashier. While for grocer purchase, we give different cashier for our customers with different price for retail and grocer. The quantity of customers is become our most target in every transaction. Our garment service is measure service in every employee dress needed, delivery service with special quantity.

    The customers are not only come from rich people or military, but also ordinary people can buy ourproduct. Not for one job or profession, this is also for hobby, collection, or for reseller.
    This customer type really needs our product and our product is used for daily activities. Militay, security, police, tailor, government member, student, etc are really using our product.
    This customer type is every company, both small and big company need our product. They need it for safety and security reason, such as security equipment.

We hope you can enjoying shopping together with RAKHA  JAYA.

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