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Unless otherwise specified Fenaflex flexible tyres will be supplied in a natural rubber compound which is suitable for operation in temperatures –50OC to +50OC. A chloroprene compound is available which is Fire Resistant and Anti-Static (FRAS) and has greater resistance to heat and oil.

This is suitable for operation in temperatures –15OC to +70OC. For temperatures outside these ranges – consult your local Authorised Distributor.

The FRAS tyre variant is used with specifically modified metal flanges to create the ATEX approved variant.


Fenaflex Couplings

Download PDF
Download PDF


These semi-elastic flexible couplings are designed for general purpose use and permit quick and easy assembly by means of Taper Lock bush fixing.
Their characteristics are designed for use particulary on machinery driven from standard IEC electric motors.
Fully machined outside diameters allow alignment by simple straight edge methods.
Shaft connection is "fail safe" due to interacting dog design.

HRC Couplings


(a) Service Factor
Determine appropriate Service Factor from table below

(b) Design Factor
Multiply running power of driven machinery by the service factor. This gives the design power which is used as a basis for coupling selection.

(c) Coupling Size
Refer to Power Ratings table below and read across from the appropriate speed until a power equal to or greater than the design power is found. The size of coupling is given at the head of that column.

(d) Bore Size
From Dimensions table on page 117 check that the required bores can be accommodated.

Fenner Jaw Couplings offer a range of hub and element variants to meet the demand for low cost, general purpose and spacer type flexible couplings. They cater for incidental misalignment, absorb shock loads and damp out small amplitude vibrations.

Jaw Couplings

Download PDF
Download PDF


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