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PulleysThis development of the original Timing Drive is offered in a range of pitches 5mm, 8mm and 14mm. Comprehensive choice of belt widths and lengths combine with an optimised range of Taper Lock pulleys to suit general industrial needs.

Drives can be designed by simple catalogue selection methods to give more compact drives, less noise and lower bearing loads than with classical Timing Drives.

The Fenner HTD drive system conforms to the ISO 13050 standard Fenner HTD drives offer the technical and economical benefits of an established product range with proven performance and world wide availability.

Tenner HTD belts have a curvilinear tooth form giving a more uniform distribution of shear stresses within the teeth and a transition of tooth loads to the tensile members in the belt which significantly improves upon classical Timing Belts.

Fenner Torque Drive Plus 3 - Drive ComparisonIn the mid 1990s, Torque Drive Plus (MR) was introduced to give significantly enhanced power capacity over HTD (M) belt drive systems, with lower noise levels and lower backlash.

The next generation was TDP2 (MGT), but continuous development work has now produced Fenner Torque Drive Plus 3, with all these attributes and yet higher power capacity.

Designated MXP these belts are available in 8mm and 14mm pitches, with the same standard widths and lengths as HTD and TDP/TDP2, and operate in standard HTD pulleys.

They allow design of lighter, more compact, more cost-effective drive packages.

Alternatively, their use on existing HTD or TDP/ TDP2 drives will give longer service life.

Torque Drive Plus 3 is the ultimate in rubber/ glass-fibre synchronous belts.

The Fenner HTD and Torque Drive Plus 3 drive systems conform to the ISO 13050 standard.

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