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From tactical to humanitarian countermine/ERW search technicians (a.k.a. "Recon Charlie"), Garrett's new RECON-PRO All-Metals Locator (metal detector) is designed to operate under any field conditions. No assembly is required. Simply remove from its case and RECON-PRO is ready to operate!
  • Optimum Detection Sensitivity: Minimal size and large targets are detected in ALL soils and shallow water (salt and fresh water) with full detection capability.
  • Advanced Pulse Induction Technology: Allows operation in ALL soil conditions (including areas with conductive stones) to reduce operator estimations or errors. Use additional fine tuning control for extreme soil conditions.
  • Easy and Accurate Pinpointing: The buried positions of detected targets are easily pinpointed by RECON-PRO with precise audio and LED responses.
  • Adjustable Audio Threshold: Adjustable tone level allows operator to enhance detection efficiency.
  • RFI Noise Elimination: With a single button press, interference from man-made RFI sources is automatically scanned and eliminated.
  • Low Battery Alarm: An alarm will be initiated during operation at the low battery point where the detector will run for approximately 30 additional minutes before shutdown. This provides the operator with a retraction time for a field exit to a safety zone (when working in hazardous areas).
  • Triple Alarm Mode: A built-in speaker is provided along with an LED bar graph display for target signal indications. The supplied Headset can be connected to the detector and will function with the Speaker On or Off.
  • Simple Control Design: Operational controls are designed for simple function initiations. Operators can quickly set up RECON-PRO as required and fully concentrate on detection tasks.
  • Long Term Batteries: Each RECON-PRO is supplied with TWO sets of rechargeable batteries (for continuous operation) and a charger. (Standard alkaline batteries can lso be used if needed.)


Detailed Product Specifications:

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