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3MTM QUESTemp° Series Heat Stress Monitors

The QUESTemp° Series area heat stress monitors are designed to quickly and accurately evaluate potential heat stress environments. These rugged instruments deliver high performance monitoring through WBGT (Wet Bulb Globe Temperature) sensing technology and the calculation of a WBGT Index value. An optional air probe enables the calculation of PMV/PPD thermal comfort indices. These innovative instruments are designed for the rigors of the workplace, with easy-to-use features, intrinsic safety certification and advanced reporting capabilities.


Features and Benefits:

  • Models with intrinsic safety certification
  • Long battery life and robust construction
  • Data logging capabilities for enhanced reporting and measurement
  • Multilingual display (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish)
  • Real-time clock provides accurate reporting with time stamping
  • Convenient stay time display per multiple standards
  • Optional remote sensor bar allows for simultaneous monitoring of up to three areas
  • Optional air probe accessory for calculation of PMV/PPD thermal comfort indices
  • Download data to NEW! Detection Management Software DMS or existing QuestSuiteTM Professional II for analysis and data management


Reduced Maintenance with Innovative Waterless Wet Bulb Sensing Technology
The QUESTemp° 44/46/48N utilizes a Waterless Wet Bulb sensor designed for working environments where daily instrument upkeep is difficult. A high-quality humidity sensor and a proprietary algorithm perform the calculation of the WBGT values eliminating the hassle of daily wet bulb maintenance.


Six Models to Choose From

QUESTemp° Natural Wet Bulb Models

  • QT-32
  • QT-34
  • QT-36

QUESTemp° Waterless Wet Bulb Models

  • QT-44
  • QT-46
  • QT-48N


QUESTemp° 44 with Waterless Wet Bulb technology  QUESTemp° 36 shown with optional air probe
QUESTemp° 44 with Waterless Wet Bulb technology QUESTemp° 36 shown with optional air probe

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