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3MTM PeltorTM Dect-Com IITM

3M Peltor Dect-Com IIPeltor DECT-Com II is a wireless intercom system, operating on the 1.8 GHz ”DECT-frequencies”, witch are licence free in most countries. For North America there are products for the 1.9 GHz UPCS band. The system allows up to 9 persons to communicate in full duplex conference and more than 40 persons listening with possibility to break in to the conference at any time.
”All Call” is possible between all DECT-Com II users / bases in range. Possibility for 3 different conference groups on one base or to connect 2 external communication systems; communication radios or telephones. The base/portable and the Exstensionbase / portable unit can act as a base unit or a portable unit depending on start up sequence. There is possibility to implement optional functions for different situations. The power supply unit can also be used as a bracket for fixed or mobile use. Antenna attachment in a chassis connector makes it possible to alternatively use an external omnidirectional vehicle antenna.


  • Working range typ. 250 meters from the portabe unit to the base
  • All PeltorTM standard headset with PeltorTM J11 connectors works (Not NATO wired headset)
  • Voice activated “noise gate” for suppression of surround sound, (VOX)
  • Conversation time up to about 40 hours (portable unit), 6 hours (base unit) with rechargeable battery (DC2033)
  • Belt clip
  • With the Extension Base / Portabe unit you can connect an external radio
  • Security by digital transmission with initial identification procedure

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