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TRC-1 Air-CartThe Scott TRC-1 Air Cart is a compact and lightweight portable air source that provides an uninterrupted supply of breathing air for up to eight users simultaneously. It has a high-pressure inlet source that allows the use of a compressor or cascade system as the primary air source. The TRC-1 also features a unique air control switch that isolates the air source for the 4 respiratory outlets to the on board cylinders and for the 4 auxiliary outlets to the high pressure inlet air source. This allows 2 teams to breathe off the same cart, yet have independent air sources. When in isolated mode, outlet pressure for each air source is independently regulated.

  • Portable, lightweight air supply with large wheels and a low center of gravity for ease of mobility and maneuverability.
  • Airsource Selector Switch for the ability to utilize a common or isolated air sources on the left and right outlet banks which enables the cart to provide two separate, dedicated air sources for both a primary work team and a rescue team.
  • Loud, pneumatic whistle end-of-service indicator for clear, audible alarm indicator of low cylinder pressure.
  • Loud, pneumatic bell end-of-service indicator for clear, audible alarm indicator of low pressure condition in the auxiliary high pressure inlet source.
  • High Pressure Inlet Supply Connector provides the ability to utilize a high-pressure supply such as a compressor or cascade system.
  • Independent Fail-Safe -Open, Sealed regulators on the respirator and the auxiliary supply side provides dependable, reliable regulators for independent adjustment of outlet pressures on the respirator and auxiliary supply sides.

ModulairThe Modulair 2 range of Airline Trolley Systems provide a portable compressed air supply system for the users of airline breathing apparatus. The range comprises of frame units, trolley units and hose reel units. Available in 2 and 4 cylinder versions, 2 and 4 wearer versions and with optional extras such as airline filter units and electronic low pressure alarms. CE marked in accordance with EN139 for use with Scott Safety airline breathing apparatus.

  • Pressure reducer systems utilise the same robust and proven technology as Scott Safety SCBA.
  • Welded stainless steel for robustness and corrosion resistance.
  • Compact and portable.
  • Wide range of configurations available.
  • Hose reel will hold 90 metres of PVC or 60 metres of Anti-static hose.

Flite EscapeThe Flite is a positive pressure airline breathing apparatus with the option of a 10, 13 or 15-minute compressed air cylinder supply for escape from the most hazardous environments. Ideal for working in confined spaces the Flite' s robust design has been proven in some of the most arduous working environments including offshore oil and gas production.

  • Adjustable and padded webbing bandolier harness for comfort and safety.
  • Can be used with any positive pressure facemask in the Sabre range.
  • Optional hip mounted escape cylinders in a range of durations and materials.

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