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EPIC RI WEpic RI Wireless Communication DeviceScott Safety’ s EPIC ( Enhanced Performance Integrated Communications) wireless communications system is a revolutionary communications system utilizing Bluetooth technology to enable Scott respirator users to communicate effectively both locally and to remote locations through the system’ s facepiece-mounted voice amplifier/ radio interface and a separate communications console attached to the user’ s two-way radio. The EPIC system allows communications in three modes including, voice amplification for person-to-person communications, remote communications to a location outside of a scene by means of a two-way radio, and non-emergency two-way radio communications. the two components may be used together as a system or independently.

  • Voice amplification for clear person-to-person, hands-free communications to other nearby emergency workers.
  • User communications to and from remote sites by means of a two-way radio when the user is wearing full bunker gear and breathing apparatus.
  • Two-way radio communications in non-tactical, non-emergency environments by using the system’ s communications console/ lapel capability.

E-Z RADIOCOM II COMMUNICATION DEVICEDesigned to support clear, effective communications, the E-Z Radiocom II gives respirator users voice amplification and remote communications by means of a two-way radio interface. The facepiece-mounted voice amplifier facilitates communications among firefighters or other respirator users working in the same general area. Outgoing remote communications is accomplished by simply pressing a large, glove-hand friendly push-to-talk.

  • This system is available with connections for most popular two-way radios.
  • A flexible speaker boom delivers crisp, intelligible incoming voice transmissions.
  • The system' s voice amplifier may be used independently by simply disconnecting the cable' s quick disconnect.
  • Suitable for use with either the AV-3000 or AV-2000 facepiece.

Eagle Imager 320 Thermal Imaging CameraSince the introduction of thermal imaging technology to the fire service, Scott Safety has been a leader in providing the most advanced, fire-ground proven thermal cameras to first responders for use in search and rescue, overhaul operations, and hot spot identification. Now, Scott Safety adds to its family of thermal cameras with the new Eagle Imager 320 – a step ahead in thermal imaging technology with the trusted name of Scott behind it.
The Eagle Imager 320 camera’ s on-screen temperature readout ( in either ° F or ° C) is standard with both a digital and a bar graph indicator. Temperature awareness colorization (TAC) identifies temperatures in certain ranges ( yellow > 200° F, orange > 500° F, red > 800° F) , providing the user with color-based visual indicators that help a firefighter quickly analyze the environment, while providing a clear grey scale image for the rest of the objects in view. The Max Temp indicator, displayed in all operating modes, identifies the temperature of the hottest object within the camera’ s viewing area. An overhaul mode identifies background temperatures above the median to assist with hot spot localization. Spot temperature measurements are easily interpreted with the bar graph and digital temperature readouts.

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