Security System


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EPIC RI WEpic RI Wireless Communication DeviceScott Safety’ s EPIC ( Enhanced Performance Integrated Communications) wireless communications system is a revolutionary communications system utilizing Bluetooth technology to enable Scott respirator users to communicate effectively both locally and to remote locations through the system’ s facepiece-mounted voice amplifier/ radio interface and a separate communications console attached to the user’ s two-way radio. The EPIC system allows communications in three modes including, voice amplification for person-to-person communications, remote communications to a location outside of a scene by means of a two-way radio, and non-emergency two-way radio communications. the two components may be used together as a system or independently.

  • Voice amplification for clear person-to-person, hands-free communications to other nearby emergency workers.
  • User communications to and from remote sites by means of a two-way radio when the user is wearing full bunker gear and breathing apparatus.
  • Two-way radio communications in non-tactical, non-emergency environments by using the system’ s communications console/ lapel capability.