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Mobile Foam Fire Extinguisher On TrolleyThese mobile foam trolleys are designed for one-man deployment and is ideal for fighting spill fires in oil storage and loading terminals, paint or solvent stores, boiler rooms, ship's engine rooms, petroleum tank farms and similar high risk areas.
The FibreGlass container is suitable for storing all types of foam concentrates. Each 120-litre mobile foam trolley is provided with an inline eductor, foam branchpipe, two 15m x 2.5” fire hoses.

Protection of oil storage installation loading stations, paint and solvent stores.

  • In-Line EductorIn-Line Foam Eductor, 95 GPM.
  • 1.5 " or 2.5 " female. Swivel inlet and 1.5 " male outlet.
  • Rugged all brass construction.
  • Furnished with reinforced clear PVC pickup hose to prevent kinking.
  • Check ball to prevent back flow into the foam concentrate detachable metering device for cleaning.
  • 5 Settings: 0.5% , 1% , 3% , 6% and 0 ( shutoff).
  • Works with most foam concentrates.
  • Portable By-Pass EductorBrass construction.
  • Rated to flow at 200 PSI ( 14 bar) inlet pressure.
  • Allows the operator to change from water to foam without shutting down.
  • Detachable metering valve with infinite settings between 0% and 6% with detents at 0.25% , 0.5% , 1% , 3% and 6%.
  • 60 GPM ( 230 LPM)

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