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Sari Full FacepieceScott Safety' s Sari full face mask is renowned for its high standards of safety, reliability and comfort. Sari is approved for use with Pro2000 filters, with Autoflow and Proflow PAPR powered units and with constant flow compressed airline.

  • Wide sealing edge for comfort and excellent fit
  • Comfortable to wear even for long periods
  • Adjustable five-point rubber head harness
  • Large distortion-free visor
  • Speech diaphragm affords clear communication

Profile 40 Half MaskProfile40 is a single filter half mask with a 40 mm EN148-1 thread filter fitting. It has a durable LSR silicone facepiece and a slide-through harness for fast and easy fitting. The broad faceseal makes it easy to achieve an efficient and comfortable fit and the chin and nosebridge bellow ensure the seal remains efficient during use.Profile40 accepts selected filters from the Pro2000 canister range ( NOTE: only filters weighing 300 grams or less are suitable) .

  • Single filter ( 40 mm thread)
  • LSR silicone facepiece
  • Broad, easy-fit face seal
  • Fast don harness

Available in two sizes

PROFILE² HALF MASKThe fitting solution to your respiratory needs, Scott Safety’ s Profile² is an advanced twin filter half mask that combines comfort, protection and low through life costs with exceptionally low breathing resistance.
Perfectly balanced, user friendly and modern in design, Profile² accepts the comprehensive range of highly efficient Scott Safety Pro² gas, particulate and combined filters to provide respiratory protection in a wide variety of applications.

  • Large diameter valves create low breathing resistance and reduce wearer fatigue
  • Odourless, lightweight TPE Facepiece is incredibly soft and comfortable to wear for long periods
  • Comfortable head harness and neck buckle provide even weight distribution and full support for the mask
  • Easy to fit and adjust, the mask’ s intuitive donning process promotes high wearer acceptance
  • Latex and silicone-free to ensure no allergic skin reaction or irritation
  • Choice of three sizes with wide faceseal for optimum and efficient fit
  • Low profile and swept back filters provide balance, an unobstructed field of vision and allow compatibility with other PPE
  • Easy-fit bayonet filter mechanism enables fast, secure first time connection
  • Spark, splash and contaminant guards for filters and exhale valve

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