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MINI-SA Single Gas DetectorDeveloped to provide practical, portable, continuous gas detection for a single gas, the Mini-SA' s super-compact, feather-light design conveniently clips on to a users belt or lapel. Innovative in its design, the Mini-SA uses a large, easy-to-read LCD ( the largest in the industry) and simple two-button operation to provide information to users on the 10 gases for which it monitors.

  • Large backlit display for easy reading in difficult environments
  • Audible, visual and vibrating alarms
  • Rugged ABS Case stands up to rugged environments
  • Auto configuration for 10 different gases enabling seemless sensor changes

Prote Ge Multi-Gas MonitorThe Proté gé is a personal multi-gas monitor designed to monitor potentially hazardous levels of combustible gases, oxygen enrichment or depletion, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen sulfide. Simple, intuitive user operation enables operators to focus on the situation rather than equipment. The Proté gé is designed with automated maintenance features to reduce cost and time associated with training and maintenance. Proté gé software allows users to set parameters that are specifc for their workplace, and has significant data logging capabilities.

  • Easy to use with one button turn on, easy calibration and functional self-testing
  • Tough, robust construction meets all global regulatory requirements
  • Easy to maintain with automatic zero and span calibrations and simple sensor replacement
  • Enhanced user ergonomics with unique hourglass design to fit all hand sizes

Scout Multi-Gas MonitorThe Scout is a rugged multi-gas monitor designed to monitor up to five atmospheric hazards simultaneously including oxygen concentration, combustible gases, VOC’ s and a wide selection of toxic gases. The Scout is designed so that every level of operator can pick it up and use it with minimal training. Built-in flexibility means that Scout is configurable to operate in any application, allowing custom alarm settings, menus, user profiles, and location profiles. The Scout is easy to use, with automatic functional testing, audible and visual alarms, and extensive data logging of up to 8000 events. Optional built in pump allows switch between free-air ( ambient) mode to sample draw mode with just a push of tab. Monitor up to five atmospheric hazards simultaneously including oxygen concentration, combustible gases, VOC ' s and a wide selection of nine electrochemical toxic sensors.

  • Multiple configuration options for maximum versatility
  • Easy to use, with one button operation and intuitive software
  • Easy to maintain, reducing down time and training
  • Modular, plug-in components permit in-the field upgrades

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