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ACSi SCBAThe Sigma ACSm is a low cost SCBA set giving the same high levels of protection as the ACSi but packaged as a simple and effective solution for use in Industry, and Shipping environments. The Sigma ACSm has been built upon the success of the Sigma 2 SCBA, but with the technological advancements of the ACS range.

  • pproved to EN137: 2006 Class I MED approved, ideal for the marine industry
  • Extremely lightweight backplate
  • Proven Tempest Demand Valve
  • Removable high performance pneumatics
  • Machine washable for easy decontamination

ISCBA Industrial SCBADesigned for quick and easy use, the ISCBA SCBA provides superior IDLH-level respiratory protection in non-fire related environments. The ISCBA features a simple, dependable single stage pressure reducer combined with the Scott E-Z Flo mask-mounted regulator with first breath activation. The ISCBA has a sturdy wire-formed backframe with the option of a nylon or Kevlar harness. It is available in 2216 psig low-pressure or 4500 psig high-pressure models, both with an option for a dual-port reducer and extended duration airline.

  • Combination Type C positive pressure respirator with escape cylinder for entry into or escape from hazardous, confined space, or Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health ( IDLH) situations.
  • Patented, Hands-free, Automatic Transfer from external air source to cylinder in the event that the source of air is interrupted.
  • Vibralert tactical alarm notifies wearer if system has transferred to cylinder air.
  • Flashing electronic indicator notifies wearer of loss of cylinder pressure or low cylinder pressure.
  • Choice of 3-, 5-, 10-, or 15-minute duration cylinders.
  • E-Z Klip cylinder retention system for quick and easy cylinder changes.
  • Choice of harness styles:
    - Nylon for chemical resistance
    - Kevlar for high heat environment or where there is potential for sparking
    - Full body for fall protection with NIOSH approved integrated respirator design

ACSf SCBAScott Safety’ s ACS represents a major advancement in SCBA. It is significantly lighter than any other carrying system and offers the wearer the ultimate in comfort and flexibility. The result is considerably reduced user burden combined with the highest standards of performance. The ACSf was developed for the Professional Fire Service, offering high levels of comfort and performance. Built upon the success of the Propak SCBA, the ACSf integrates Thermoflex technology and a reliable two-stage pneumatic system to ensure the high quality and performance.

  • Approved to EN137: 2006 Class II, incorporating the stringent flame engulfment test.
  • Extremely lightweight backplate.
  • Proven Tempest Demand Valve.
  • Removable high performance pneumatics.
  • Machine washable for easy decontamination.
  • Easy upgrade path.

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