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Oxygen - easy Keylock nose clipping

Oxygen - easy Keylock nose clipping
Weight: 50gms
Strengths: 26kN 9kN 8kN
Oxygen - easy Keylock nose clipping

The very successful Oxygen gets a makeover.
Lighter, more shapely and with our new Keylock nose for smoother unclipping this is great all round biner. And it keeps a firm reassuring feel for those who don’t want to go too far down the anorexic wiregate route.
The Oxygen Keylock is in bentgate or straightgate options and the solid feeling QD is great for repoints. The 2007~8 QD is on 12mm dyneema & comes with our new Tadpole.

7075 Alloy, 3 Sigma Rated, CE EN 12275






10cm QD - 12mm Dyneema - 107gms
15cm QD - 12mm Dyneema - 111gms
20cm QD - 12mm Dyneema - 115gms

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