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Xenon Lite
Weight: 29gms
Strengths: 24kN, 7kN, 7kN,
7075 Alloy, 3 Sigma Rated,
CE EN 12275

A purposeful range overhaul gives a fuller look to the Wild Country biner selection for 2008 with some important new pieces as well as technical changes making it the ‘must have’ collection.
There’s a first step into the miniature arena with the awesome new Xenon Lite, under 30 grams but still really usable. A smooth new Keylock nose that makes a cleaner finish for the revised Oxygen and the brand new Titan biners; and then two superb new hot forged screwgates, Titan ll & Synergy Lite which feature the Keylock, a new look, and a classic design that sells and sells.
Finally the ‘Tadpole’ – a neat rubber ring sewn discretely into the revised express slings - that replaces our o-ring and makes our quickdraws neater, more functional and easier to use.

Xenon Lite - our 29gm mini marvel

Xenon Lite

Sometimes less is more. And sometimes more is less. Case in point the awesome new Xenon Lite., Wild Country’s first mini-biner and at 29gms the lightest Wild Country biner ever! Less weight in each biner and each quickdraw means more chance you’ll reach the top.
Or you can carry more Xenon Lites for the same weight, meaning when the chips are down you may just have the extra clip you need.

Either way you win.

So for lighter Alpine, sports and trad, take a look at your rack and see what some Xenon Lites could do for you.

Features wise, this hot forged mini-marvel has a small neat nose, is hooded to protect the gate and shares the subtle shaping as its big brother. QD comes on 10mm Express dyneema with our new Tadpole. Sets of Biners / Quickdraws available.

10cm QD - 10mm Dyneema - 65gms
15cm QD - 10mm Dyneema - 67gms
20cm QD - 10mm Dyneema - 69gms

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