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Available in lightweight KinetiX Polyurethane (KX Series) and KinetiX Nitrile (KN Series)

KinetiX Safety Shoes logoKinetix : The Science Explained
KinetiX Energy Rebound is a revolutionary walking mechanism unique to Unicorn’s KinetiX Safety Shoes. The shoes act as an intelligent spring that effectively converts energy released by the impact of the sole with the ground into energy in motion, which is automatically utilised to optimise traction and yield extra suspension for the feet. With far less energy wasted, your walk will become smoother and less strenuous.

Heel Strike
Enter the PowerFlow - a superb shock absorber integrated into the heel of the sole. As your heel strikes the ground, PowerFlow relentlessly absorbs the impact, converting shocks to the foot into an active flow of energy to power your movement. Exceptionally flexible and reliable, PowerFlow minimizes foot fatique and optimizes your comfort.

Heel Strike


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