Security System


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PDS8858s RF Smart EAS SystemPromatic New Generation RF smart EAS system which adopts the 3rd RF Smart EAS intelligence, using the advanced software radio and the phased array antenna technology, our products get perfect detection performance and anti-interference ability and multiple innovative functions which suitable for Internet and digital marketing of retail sales. This product is not only an EAS detector but also the most cost-effective infrastructure of retail stores.

Software Radio Technology

  • Using The New Generation Software Radio Technology, Simplify The Circuit And Improve The Product's Quality And Reliability
  • Have Great Flexibility
  • Unique Tag Recognition Technology with our own Independent Intellectual Property Rights

Phrased Array Antenna Technology

  • Wider Detection Range
  • Eas Tags can Obtain Good Detection in all Directions
  • Users Can Use Smaller Size Tags to Protect More Goods, Promote The Sales.

Better Anti-interference Ability

  • Excellent Ability Of Anti-LED Interference
  • Can Be Installed Nearby The Escalator

Download PDF
Download PDF