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PDS8834s RF EAS Smart SystemThe 3rd generation EAS Pedestal PDS8834S combines the advanced software radio and phased array technology to enable perfect detection performance and anti-interference ability. Its multiple innovation functions suit for every kind of stores, even stores near elevators. PDS8834S is not only an anti-theft EAS detector but also a most cost-effective infrastructure for retail stores.

PDS8834S RF Smart EAS System provides the highest level of security to high-value merchandises, without affecting the shopper-experience with aesthetic design. 

Software Radio Technology

  • Simplified circuit with better quality and reliability
  • Great flexibility
  • Unique Tag recognition technology owned by Promatic

Phrased Array Antenna Technology

  • Wide Detection Range
  • Good detection in all directions
  • Still good detection even for smaller-size-tagged merchandises

Better Anti-Interference Ability

  • Excellent ability of anti-LED light interference
  • Easy to install and no restrict to escalators¬†

Adopting 25mm thick acrylic panel and 304 stainless steel cover-base, the material will not become cloudy or yellow or rust over time, ensuring the aesthetic of the store.

Download PDF
Download PDF