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PDS3620s RF Smart EAS SystemPromatic New Generation RF smart EAS system which adopts the 3rd RF Smart EAS intelligence, using the advanced software radio and the phased array antenna technology, our products get perfect detection performance and anti-interference ability and multiple innovative functions which suitable for Internet and digital marketing of retail sales. This product is not only an EAS detector but also the most cost-effective infrastructure of retail stores.

System can used on thinner and smaller products, such as lipstick, medicine, stationery, etc.

PDS3620s adopts the 3rd RF Smart EAS intelligence is the upgrade products of traditional continuous emission EAS. Compared with the traditional TX and RX detector, main advantages as follows:

  • Wider detect range
  • Less blind spot
  • Stronger anti-interference ability
  • Impulse-transmitting, instead of continuous emission, lower energy consumption
  • Synchronous wireless
  • Debug without oscilloscope
  • Function variety

Download PDF
Download PDF