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MODEL: CF238FLG Series

Swing Barrier Intelligent AccessSwing barrier has small installation footprint while offering widest opening clearance to allow big boxes, trolley, wheelchair, baby stroller or user with big luggage to pass through with comfort.

CF series swing barrier compact size and turbular shape allow it to easily fit into places with very limited space. Access control and time attendance reader can be integrated into top cover.

CF series swing barrier design is simplified to achieve optimum function at more affordable cost. Control system mechanism is modular for easy maintenance servicing and part replacement.

CF series swing barrier is typically used together with flap barrier or turnstile as manual lane for handicapped user in building lobby. Ideal for low traffic and light duty site that requires more affordable solution.


Flap Turnstile - Intelligent AccessCF series flap turnstile is an innovative pedestrian control technology that designed to achieve best balance of quality, performance and affordability.

CF series flap turnstile provide a combination of reliable mechanical as well as electronic retriction for unauthorized visitor while still maintain a welcoming atmosphere. Access control and time attendance reader can be integrated into flap barrier.

CF series flap turnstile is ideal indoor solution for railway platform, passenger terminal, ferry, airports, checkpoints, factories, stadium, lift lobby of commercial, industrial or government building. Flap barrier give a more premium and organized entrance to your building.

Magnetic Pedestrian Wing Gate - MPW 112Featuring:

  • Built-In Magnetic High Torque Motor MTHM®
  • Brushless DC Direct Drive
  • (No Gear Box) Technology
  • Noiseless Operation
  • Power Failure Wing Auto Open


Product Description

The Magnetic Pedestrian Wing Gate (MPW) series type is designedtocontrolpedestrians entering or exiting restricted areas usually under surveillance in low to medium security situations. Personal surveillance is therefore recommended. The barrier can be operated in uni-directional.

The standard model has an aisle width of 550mm and the wide lane disabled model has an aisle width of 900mm. The construction consists of housing which made of rectangular stainless steel metal frame in AISI 304 polished finishes that is fully blended with tempered glass panels. The choice of tinted glass colour or alteration for unit to be equipped with in-side light is available upon request.

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