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Pedestrian Gates - MPT 132/33/30The MPT series of full height security turnstiles are designed to control pedestrians entering or exiting restricted areas where perimeter control is required. This turnstile can be used for bidirectional pedestrian access control applications.

The turnstile has been designed as a modular system and can easily be assembled on site by hand and without the need of heavy lifting devices.

Additional space has also been made available for the instal- lation of access control equipment. The turnstile is designed to be installed directly to concrete surfaces.


Housing and Quality
The turnstile consists of an outer ‘U’ bar section, an outer vertical bar section, a central rotating column and a folded sheet metal enclosure in which the control and drive mechanism is installed. As standard, all sections are fully “hot dip” galvanised after fabrication and can also be powder- coated in RAL 7042 (grey) upon request. Optional RAL colours and either 304 or 316 grade stain- less steel construction are also available upon requestq

Models and technology
There are three different models of MPT turnstiles: . The MPT 132 (motor-driven) is based on the MHTMTM technology that offers very smooth operation. The MPT 33 (electromechanical) is rotated manually by the user. The locking mechanism contains a cam plate and two locking solenoids. The MPT 30 (mechanical) is the most easiest model for e.g. exiting of recreational parks, public baths and smimilar venues.

Comprehensive accessories
The MPT series of full height turnstiles offers a comprehensive range of accessories like additional swing doors for e.g. cyclists, roofs, overhead lighting within the turnstile, etc. A specifically de- signed foundation frame provides easy installation on paved undergrounds. Customer-specific access control devices can be easily installed using the optional housing which is mounted at the outer cage section.

The drive unit of the MPT 132 offers very low impact forces as well as impact detection. By default, the passage is free in case of a power failure.


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