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DigiTool Reports Lite Software - GS-01

  • Master and Normal user access levels
  • Programmable features: users, sites, readers, and scheduled patrols
  • Integrated database
  • Various reporting options – patrols, events, exceptions, and more
  • Full reader upload/download and configuration


DigiTool Call Center (DCC) Software - GS-02

  • Local and remote station, global control software
  • Microsoft .NET platform
  • Full management of all related objects: Sites, Locations, Users, Guards, Readers, Tags, Stations, Patrols, Reports, Clients, Events, and Groups
  • Multi-client platform for remote client monitoring stations
  • TCP/IP remote communication ··Over 500 guards, up to 10,000 locations
  • Flexible, schedule-based patrol planner
  • Custom reports ··Wizard driven GUI for creating most objects
  • Tree view based object structure ··Graphical maps for site hierarchy

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