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High Visibility Reflective Film

High Visibility Reflective Film

Avery Dennison® VisiFlexTM V-8000 Series High Visibility Reflective Film is engineered to improve the day and nighttime visibility of emergency response, utility, and construction fleets. Highly reflective vehicle markings can improve detection and recognition, giving drivers more time to react safely and avoid a collision. Collision avoidance may help fleet managers contain costs through lower repair, maintenance, and insurance fees.

VisiFlex V-8000 Series offers durable, vibrant daytime colors. At night, its bold, high-quality microprismatic retroreflective elements efficiently return light at a wide range of angles. The single layer construction simplifies application, and eliminates the requirement for edge sealing.

Designed to be flexible, VisiFlex is purposely engineered for vehicle application, and offers excellent cutting and conformability for converters and installers.


  • Single layer construction does not require edge sealing
  • Unique omnidirectional prisms not available in other products create high uniform brightness at night
  • Easy to handle and apply, conforms to simple curves
  • Withstands normal vehicle maintenance including pressure washing
  • Digitally Printable

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Product Overview

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